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Welcome to STEM Talents

To create the perfect match in the world of technology, it's essential to look beyond candidates' titles and designations on paper. One must be able to discern whether their skills are meaningful for the specific position or not.

This is precisely the core of our work at STEM Talents – we rely on the right blend of technical expertise and recruitment skills.


I am Kasper Krøyer, the founder of STEM Talents and former engineer with a background in the fields of robotics, manufacturing, and construction.

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Technical Expertise ⇒ Advantages in Recruitment

At STEM Talents, we specialize in connecting STEM companies with the most qualified candidates. Our strength lies in combining technical expertise with recruitment skills, enabling us to look beyond traditional job titles and delve deeper into skill sets to identify the unique potential in each candidate.

Experience Understanding

At STEM Talents we understand the challenges and needs in technical environments - we've been there ourselves. 
With the technical expertise we bring to the table, our approach goes beyond the standard in the recruitment industry. We leverage our in-depth understanding of the sector to search for candidates who may not necessarily appear in the common job databases or Google searches. This means we are able to introduce you to candidates, who not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Flexibility ⇒ Creativity

We believe that skills are not confined by job titles. Our unique approach allows us to see how technical expertise can be applied across different professional roles. This opens the door to a broader talent pool, and we are committed to finding the perfect match for both companies and candidates.

Partnership ⇒ Success

When you collaborate with STEM Talents, you don't just get a recruitment partner but a dedicated alliance that understands your technical requirements and your unique corporate culture. We are here to ensure that your company gains access to the most skilled STEM talents in the market – and that you acquire employees who seamlessly fit into your culture.


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